Why should you purchase a plot for your new home rather than a pre-built house? Why indeed do Abhaile Homes specialise in plot and build sales? How does the whole process work?!

Hopefully this page will guide you through the Why & How of the plot and build process. If you have any further question though, please feel free to drop us an email and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.


There are two sides to the why question, why should you buy a plot and build on it rather than buying a ready built house and why do we sell plots rather than ready built houses.

Firstly why you should purchase a plot and build you own home?

  1. Cost effectiveness. As a company we don't have to outlay huge sums to build homes and then wait for a buyer to come along so there are no bank loans to service and we can pass those savings onto you. Also if you choose to self build rather then employ a builder you could save even more money, although you will probably gain a few grey hairs in the process...
  2. Your home, your design. While we have house designs for each of the plots we sell these are used to get detailed planning consent and while we are proud of the houses we design everyone has there own ideas of what would make their perfect home. So with a plot build you can either build the house that there are currently plans for, alter those plans to suite you better or throw them away and come up with your own design that perfectly fits your desires (remember thought that this will add to your costs as you will require both new plans and new planning consent, though our associates at Black Apple can provide very reasonable design fees if you use their construction services). 
  3. Taxes. As we only recommend a builder and you are not tied to using them there is no land purchase tax involved saving you some of your hard earned money.

Why do we offer plot sales rather than finished houses?

  1. It's also cost effective for us! We get land and either purchase it or work with the land owner to obtain planning consent and then sell the plots. This means we have far lower overheads and don't need to outlay vast sums over a long period on the potential of some sale in the distant future. So it means we can offer our plots at prices that work both for us and our customers.
  2. It's also very frustrating as a builder to have built a house that doesn't work for a customer. They might love the location but there are to few rooms, they want a bigger kitchen etc. The plot and build process makes sure people get what they want.

So what are the downsides?

  1. Finance, generally buy to build mortgages are less generous than "pre-built" mortgages, so you do tend to get stuck with a slightly higher rate of interest than you would if you were buying an off the shelf house. However you do tend to borrow less as you are generally paying less pro-rata than you would for an off the shelf house.
  2. Time, obviously your home needs to be built which can take between 4 to 6 months so you don't have the smooth move you would have into a new home. We will always seek to help out however we can by finding rental accommodation and storage options for you.


So how does this all work? Well you have three main options open to you:

1. Plot and build with our associate builder

In this case you purchase the plot from us and our associated build Black Apple will build your new home on your plot at the fixed price listed on the Plots for Sale page. So you buy the plot at the start from Abhaile Homes and sign a contract for Black Apple to build your home for a fixed price. Further information on how the build process works with Black Apple is available, please email us and we will send you the information.

2. Plot and change the house type

It's your plot you can do what you like with it (within reason of course). If you want to design your own house type to build you can either do that through your own architect or Black Apple offer a comprehensive and competitive design and build package. Therefore you would purchase the plot and then go down the design route, the build price in this case will of course depend on the house you design!

3. Plot and self build/third party builder

Again it's your plot so you can choose to self build your home or get a third party builder in to do it for you. In this case you would just simply purchase the plot from us.